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Empowering Women In The Workforce

WHAT WILL THE AUDIENCE LEARN? Our audience will learn why applying DEI and strategic initiatives can benefit both the female workforce and the companies who employ them! EPISODE SUMMARY: Too many smart, talented women who left the workforce to raise children are unable to find jobs that match their credentials

Len Garza

Estate Planning For Business Owners

WHAT WILL THE AUDIENCE LEARN? Our audience will learn the nuts and bolts of having a legally sound business, along with understanding some of the estate planning factors to consider when leaving their business to a family member or employee. EPISODE SUMMARY: “Estate Planning For Business Owners.” With business law


WHAT WILL THE AUDIENCE LEARN? The audience of business owners, managers, and employers will learn how to distinguish a dysfunctional leadership approach from a successful one, and will further learn how to use the “Motivation Equation” to boost employee morale and enhance their workplace. EPISODE SUMMARY: Employers need good leadership