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Executive Leadership Cultivating An Evolving Purpose



The audience will learn to define the term purpose as it relates to this topic, and discuss the advantages / benefits to the company, the workers, and their customers and clients, when time and energy are put into helping employees to find their own purpose and harness their purpose-driven existence to be happier and more productive.


Business owners / employers: Have you been focused only on the company’s mission or purpose? Are you nurturing and cultivating your employees’ quest to find their individual purpose – their evolving purpose, so that they may be happier, more productive, and successful?  How do these themes impact women executives / women in leadership roles?

On Tuesday, November 15, my guest, Dr. Dorothy A. Martin-Neville (aka, “Ask Dr. Dorothy”), will share her beliefs / methods of cultivating a purpose-filled and joy-filled experience for both the employer and the individual employees. We will define the term purpose as it relates to this topic, and discuss the advantages / benefits to the company, the workers, and their customers and clients, when time and energy are put into helping employees to find their own purpose and harness their purpose-driven existence to be happier and more productive.

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0:00 – 8:43 – Eric welcomes a special surprise guest, fellow TalkRadioNYC host, Rev. Dr. TLC. Dr. TLC is the host of the podcast Dismantle Racism, and creator of Pastology, the cutting edge field that focuses on the synergy between oastoring and psychology. She also puts an emphasis on the journey towards sacred intelligence, the ability to tap into one’s internal source in order to move towards intelligence choices. She is also author of DISMANTLING RACISM: HEALING SEPARATION FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Eric moves into tonight’s topic about cultivating one’s purpose in the workplace. When it comes to companies, the workplace and employees, TLC shares her thoughts on what purpose means. She invites us to think about what is meaningful to us, our values and goals as well as what is our personal mission. When we think about this, we can understand better whether they align with the company we work with for instance. She also encourages us to ask others what they see that you are good at. Dr. TLC also discusses people of color and women in the workplace and how they are affected when feeling unseen or unheard. Eric and Dr. TLC talk about companies needing to create a safe space for employees to feel heard, seen and valued.


11:01 – 24:43 – Dr. TLC talks about the story in 2020 when a lot of people were “throwing money” to black institutions after George Floyd was murdered. She says that although it’s valuable, we have to do more than just give money to these institutions. She mentions a trailer on youtube by Ralph Lauren called “A Portrait of the American Dream.” She tells the story of Ralph Lauren talking in a meeting with some of his employees about race and how he wanted to do more to make sure he was recognizing black and brown culture. He sat and listened to the employees who voiced their ideas and opinions. In the trailer, he goes to two historically black colleges and universities. What it showed was that he recognized their culture and also how they also support his industry. As a business owner, he helped his business. But he also listened to his employees who were coming up with creative designs as well. These employees were able to live their purpose and align it with their values in the workplace. Eric and TLC also discuss the importance of having these conversations and how it starts with the culture.


26:44 – 40:49 – Dr. TLC talks about her book that came out earlier this year. She says that it’s a call to action for everyone to be committed to the work of racial equity. In the book, she discusses three pillars. The first is “what is your ‘why’.” Why do you want to engage in this work? Our purpose can change over time as we grow and evolve. In the book, she also talks about the idea of a self-ish mindset. By this, she means by going inward, looking at your thoughts and beliefs whether you believe it’s possible to dismantle racism. The third part that she talks about is a shared movement. This is to understand that we are not dismantling racism by ourselves. They discuss more examples of improving the workplace and finding your purpose in life and in your career.


42:54 – 50:22 – Dr. TLC and Eric discuss the impact it would have for employers to focus on honoring or valuing the purpose of their employees and how they evolve. She says how she sees it impacting the individual first. She says we’d see a decrease in health issues. In terms of the workplace itself, if the workplace is where people feel safe, happy and feel secure in living their purpose, the company itself would be able to model themselves for others to follow, and then be able to then focus on being concerned about what’s happening in the community. It’s something Dr. TLC says it doesn’t just benefit the company but also the world. She encourages people to listen to Dismantle Racism here on TalkRadio.nyc, Thursdays at 11am eastern time. Starting on January 11th, she says that there will be a 6 week program where she will teach people how to recognize and respond to racism. After it ends, she will be doing a retreat in February. In this retreat she will work with leaders and other individuals who are interested in learning about how we heal separation from the inside out and how we take a look deeper in what our purpose is. You can learn more about these events, register, and get in touch with Rev. Dr. TLC by visiting sacredintelligence.com.

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