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Buried In Business Stepping Up Your Admin Game



The Adminnovate Model and Jamie will show our audience how to clearly define administrative functions while empowering their teams to feel inspired, bring new ideas to the table and make meaningful contributions that fulfill an employer’s vision.


If you check work emails on your days off, answer calls after hours, waste time-fighting fires, or overcompensate for inefficiencies, then you might be “buried in business!” The solution is hidden in your administrative team. As a business owner or manager, you know admin is necessary, but you might be leaving valuable talent and potential on the table. Buried in Business can help you reclaim your freedom by elevating your admin.

On Tuesday, December 6th, join me and my guest, Jamie Vanek, to discuss her innovative Adminnovate Model and a framework that supports your business’s scalability and legacy. Through building and refining an admin team that is effective and efficient, your company is postured for growth.  We will address the gender stigmas around administrative assistants which keep companies and their employees stuck, and explore how to take one’s business to the next level.

Jamie’s Profile: linkedin.com/in/jamie-vanek-55280421

Website:www.jamievanek.com  (Personal)

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0:42 – 12:33 – Eric welcomes Jamie Vanek on tonight’s episode. Tonight’s topic is about elevating your admin team. Jamie made a career leap from teaching to construction in 2007 and discovered a passion for project management and team leadership. She is passionate about breaking down barriers and creating opportunities in a male dominated industry. Jamie has used business experiences, stories and statistics to formulate a framework for managing administrative functions and improving admin support. This is also the main topic of her book, Buried in Business: Find Freedom by Unlocking the Power of Your Admin Team. Jamie talks about having a passion for art while in high school. After college, she decided to go into teaching art rather than trying to make money off of her own work which can be very challenging. Though she realized that teaching was not her passion. When she stepped back from this, she was in what she called her “quarter life crisis” in her mid 20s. Jamie then enrolled with an employment placement agency. She was a temporary employee as an account payable. This wasn’t what she wanted but it was what introduced her to project management; she talks about being very intrigued by the project managers in this company. She then moved on and was working with a construction company. Jaimie describes walking into this new job as very welcoming. What was supposed to last only two weeks grew into 4 years, working with project managers. Jamie mentions falling in love with the people and industry.


14:47 – 28:54 – Jamie talks with Eric about issues with traditional administrative models in business today. She says that in the last 7 years, she has been working with small construction companies where there is a disconnect with operations and administration. She says that leaders end up not being able to delegate tasks or manage time to the best of their ability. She says that her passion is to dismantle the stigma around administration. Jame mentions that one problem she sees with leaders who have a start up company is that some of them want to only make the product or do the service but not do the business administration part of it and so they end up hiring an admin or assistant. She mentions the importance she feels in rethinking how leaders are managing their admins especially when there isn’t much growth through administration. Eric and Jamie discuss the stigma of this role and how there is a stigma of it seen as a burden. Jamie mentions the uniqueness that comes with being an admin and although tasks aren’t very difficult to do, there are skills that are used in presenting, organizing, and more. She also mentions the disparity when it comes to gender roles in construction. Jamie also talks with Eric about how administration can be a part of everyone’s job and tasks which is why she says we have to reframe how we think of this role and how we call the people in these roles as an admin can mean something different to everyone.


30:55 – 44:45 – Eric and Jamie discuss the traditional model of an admin having to carry a lot or almost all of the weight of a company with their administrative functions. As a company grows, Jamie emphasizes that you need more expertise and more clarity on who is responsible for what. This is the model she believes in which is to take responsibility for your own administrative help as well as to empower others; if everyone does this, then there wouldn’t be a burden on the admin role and this person wouldn’t be burned out. She also mentions delegation. Jamie mentions that you have to empower people to make decisions and have authority within their “parameters”. In this case, you no longer have to do things like micromanage but also employees feel more confident and trusted. Jamie uses the construction company she works with as an example. She says that early on when the company was still young, she would ask to change something and was given the answer, “you can change anything that makes sense for what you need to do.” She says that this was very empowering. Jamie talks about her Innovative Adminnovate Model which she also talks about in her book. Through a short story about her children, she emphasizes the point that you have to take the time you need to teach your employees about the correct parameters and ways things should be done and then empower them to make decisions.


46:49 – 55:50 – Jamie shares more about her book Buried in Business. She says that she wanted to get her story out there to help others. She also really wanted it to be entertaining as it is thought provoking as well as tactical. Every chapter starts with a personal story and then goes into how the model relates to the story. Every chapter ends with something practical that you can do that day to start elevating your admin team. Eric and Jamie also talk about people in admin roles thriving when given the ability to work on passion projects. Eric thanks Jamie for coming on the show to share her insight about a topic that isn’t always talked about. You can connect with Jamie Vanek on Linkedin as well as jamievanek.com.

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