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Our audience will learn how to make the workplace more inclusive for the LGBTQIA+ community so that employers and employees have a more harmonious co-existence.

June is pride month – a time of year where we acknowledge, recognize, embrace and celebrate our gay, lesbian, bisexual, and queer fellow humans in all aspects of life. This is an endeavor that should go on every month. For many LGTBQ+ people, inclusion in the workplace remains a challenge.

How do employers ditch the “tolerance” approach and move towards embracing and recognizing their LGTBQ+ employees?

Join us on Employment Law Today when my guest, Jennifer Brown, CEO / Founder of Jennifer Brown Consulting, and I will discuss ways to make the workplace more inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.Linkedin.com/in/jenniferbrownconsulting

Company Website: https://www.jenniferbrownconsulting.com

Personal Website: https://www.jenniferbrownspeaks.com

Twitter: @jenniferbrown

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0:51 – 12:34 – Eric introduces his guest Jennifer Brown, CEO / Founder of Jennifer Brown Consulting. Her team designs and executes inclusion strategies that have been implemented by some of the biggest companies and nonprofits in the world. She is also a co-author of the book Beyond Diversity and has a podcast called “The Will to Change.” Jennifer says that she came to New York City in her 20s to become an opera singer. She even got her Masters in vocal performance. She unfortunately injured her voice and couldn’t sing long term. Jennifer took what she knew how to do, which was to be on stage and improvise and transitioned into the world of training and development. She fell into the topic of leadership and was fascinated by organizations and how hard they are to change. Jennifer has had roles in HR and more. She says that she had struggled with bringing herself into her career. Being women certified and lgbtq+ certified, she feels very proud. Jennifer also mentions being able to be the most effective teacher, facilitator, and messenger for the work because she’s now able to be herself and be authentic.


14:49 – 28:34 – Jennifer mentions some challenges and impact lgbtq employees have in the workplace. She says that some challenges are a lack of role models. She talks about leadership and how people who have power and a platform to create influence and change have the ability to show their true selves and be very open. But if they don’t show that, for example, with topics like these, it can lead to hiding, fear, suspicion, etc. It can lead to ideas of penalties because of the fear that others won’t understand or allow our true selves and values. Jennifer mentions that the younger generation who are early in their careers and leaders are very comfortable talking about lgbtq+ identities as well as topics like pronouns. But there is also a lot of pressure for them to push the workplace to truly “walk the talk.” Eric also mentions the impact of fear and hiding from being your true self in the workplace like anxiety, depression, productivity and even employee retention. Jennifer mentions telling leaders that we have to reflect the world that we do business in.


30:30 – 47:55 – Eric continues his conversation with Jennifer about the changes happening in today’s world with the upcoming generation of employees and leaders. He mentions the changes also happening with the great resignation where unfortunately, he says that some companies still prefer the original 5 day work week in the office. But there is room for change and to listen to those who want change not only in this case but also in being able to welcome and celebrate everyone of all kinds in the workplace. Jennifer makes a point that “difference” wants and needs to be seen, because the “play field” is still uneven. There’s an unevenness in the workplace from pay to other biases. She also mentions how we need to train managers in inclusive language and inclusive leadership and hold people accountable in their way of operating. Jennifer gives advice that employers give an engagement survey to their team to understand the work that is needed. It is to understand, address as well as communicate what is being done.


49:55 – 56:59 – Eric discusses with Jennifer about her new book Beyond Diversity. Jennifer also highlights her book How to Be An Inclusive Leader. She says that what we really need in order to get where we need to go is the individual commitment that we can make to understand and implement diversity, especially those people who may have never had to deal with challenges because of the color of their skin or how they identify. She gives an example of how one can learn to even be open to sharing their own pronouns like herself. It can signal that you are someone who cares about this and not assuming that everyone identifies just like her. She also talks about leaders holding each other accountable and more about the need to respond to what’s going on and the need for greater representation. You can learn more about Jennifer Brown by searching for her on Amazon on her author page at Jennifer Brown. You can also visit jenniferbrownconsulting.com as well as jenniferbrownspeaks.com to learn about her books, podcast and more.

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