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Our audience will learn how to identify copyright issues and protect the integrity of their work-product and employees’ produced content for their business. 

With the changing workforce of consultants, the gig economy, and more employees sharing creative materials off of the web via work-from-home setups, many employers are running into copyright issues surrounding their work content and products. How can you protect your content as a business owner and employer?

On this next episode of Employment Law Today, join me and my guest, David Newhoff, co-founder of RightsClick, Inc, author, and copyright advocate, to discuss copyright protection and issues for employers to consider.

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00:57-17:40 – Eric introduces his guest, David Newhoff, co-founder of RightsClick, Inc. RightsClick is a software suite to help manage copyright portfolios. David ‘s background is all in the creative field. He is a writer, he has done a lot of video production and film production work as well for over 20 years in New York and outside of New York. He fell into copyright by accident while having a conversation with a friend who was a part of the Copyright Alliance. During this time, there were many organizations that were going against an anti-piracy bill that was being proposed in congress. During this time, David was getting very interested in the topic and how much misinformation would spread on the internet. He also discusses Rightsclick and how it is designed for the independent creators. David also talks about his book “Who Invented Oscar Wilde? The Photograph at the Center of Modern American Copyright.” David explains the differences in patent law, explains what is trademark and copyright. He also talks about what businesses should think about when it comes to copyright.


19:54 – 29:30 – Eric and David continue their discussion about what employers should be concerned about when it comes to copyright. Businesses may have content that is being promoted. David gave an example of an employee who may be promoting for a company or organization and takes a photo from the internet and uses it. This can lead to issues with the original owner as it is related to copyright infringement. David also mentions licensing your work. They discuss things like the issue of using a stock image that has a model in it and how there can be an issue there because of agreements that may not be thought about. Eric mentions music copyright. David talks about an act that was passed in 2020 creating a small claim provision called the Copyright Claims Board, an alternative to going into federal court for independent creators who have claims that are worth a few thousand dollars; different from a federal claim.


31:34 – 42:36 – David talks with Eric about what companies can do to avoid copyright issues. David says that depending on the organization, it may be worth integrating copyright education in your HR plan, especially if your employees are doing this on a regular basis for your social media platforms for instance. He also says that it’s very common to hire consultants and either outside help for building a website, making videos, or writing materials. This can help a company protect itself. Eric asks David about what’s to consider when it comes to remote work. David mentions that copyright issues can still occur even somewhere over zoom. For example, a conference can be recorded and maybe music or other similar content can be used and if this zoom meeting is put out on a company’s website or other media platform, it is possible for this to include copyrighted content and therefore be blocked, taken down, or a possible lawsuit depending on the situation.


44:32 – 56:40 – David talks about RightsClick. RightsClick is still brand new. David is a co-founder, along with Steven Tepp. They have been working on this for about 8 months now. It’s designed as a database of legally relevant information that you associate with your creative works. Their system makes it easier to control portfolio work. He also says that you can register through RightsClick with the copyright office for your original work. They also offer an infringement assessment tool that helps you learn whether you have a claim of copyright infringement against somebody who misused your work. With the information that is captured, you can take action if you choose to. They help you file a claim and stay on top of it while possibly saving money from hiring an attorney. Though, they also give a list of attorneys that specialize in copyright infringement. You can find more information at rightsclick.com. They are also on Facebook and Linkedin. David says that they are also working on doing a webinar for those who are interested in protecting their copyrights.

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