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“Employment Law Today” – Weekly Talk Radio Show: Cybersecurity For Businesses During COVID-19

With many businesses having their employees working remotely / online during the COVID 19 pandemic, companies must be aware of the myriad of new cyber security issues and threats – especially as employees work from non-secured personal computers. In this episode, Eric Sarver was joined by esteemed guest, Sean O’Rourke, Cyber Security Consultant and CFO of Combs & Company. Sean identified the unique cyber security risks that companies face during COVID-19, as well as some solutions to these challenges, while Eric Sarver explored the liability component from an employment law perspective.

About Sean O’Rourke:

By Segment

0:41 – 15:26 – Eric introduces the guest of the show Sean O’Rourke. Sean begins the conversation about talking to common cyber-liability issues that businesses faced pre-COVID-19. He lists several types and examples of how business owners have fallen victim to organized cybercrime and how these problems have been exacerbated by the pandemic. Sean also describes what businesses can do to prepare for these cyberattacks and creates a division between what should be handled by the IT department and by the owners themselves.

17:39 – 31:28 – Sean describes hesitations that businesses sometimes have when facing a cyberattack and why business owners should take initiative in these situations and not wait to take action. He also explains why technical departments are sometimes ill-equipped to handle these situations. The conversation goes towards the money behind cyber protection and why the risk is worth it when it comes to cyber security against ransomware.

33:49 – 44:58 – The conversation continues with the average amount that a small business would pay for a data decryption after a ransomware attack. Sean also talks about the growing danger with ransomware and utilities that come with cyber-insurance that can help cover fees from data decryption.

47:15 – 59:11 – Sean talks about the details behind a cyber-insurance policy and how the process works for independent businesses. Sean then shifts the discussion towards his own installation Combs & Company and explains the functions behind the business as well as his specific job title as a Cyber Security Consultant. Sean closes the show by giving out his contact information and his website for listeners.

About Employment Law Today

Helping Business With Employment Law Issues.

For many business owners, it can be overwhelming to keep up and comply with the federal and state labor and employment laws that govern how they run their business.  With the COVID-19 pandemic, there are new laws and regulations regarding hiring, firing, and workplace practices and protocols — all of which can increase business owners’ anxieties about regaining traction or thriving again.  On my weekly show, we will be discussing the most common employment law related questions and challenges that business owners have been facing in these uncertain times.

The show will have three main goals: (1) to inform businesses about employment law updates, (2) to inspire businesses by giving them the tools to move forward, and (3) to demonstrate how some business owners have overcome their employment law problems, walked through the challenges imposed by this pandemic, and have taken steps to regain traction during the reopening phases of this pandemic.

Our guests will include professionals who advise businesses from an H.R., legal, and financial perspective, along with thriving business owners who will share their experiences and insights into running a successful company while complying with labor and employment law mandates during COVID-19.