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HR Roundtable Webinar with Simone Sloan

HR Roundtable Webinar 

written with Simone Sloan, Your Choice Coach


Part One – How are HR Leaders and Business Owners Rethinking The Workplace in a New Era? 

During the pandemic, unprecedented challenges emerged for HR leaders and businesses that required empathy, flexibility, and harnessing the power of unconventional thinking. Hiring, onboarding, and policies surrounding issues like virtual harassment and vaccine mandates have been redefined. Employment laws have been reinterpreted for the virtual workplace, and in addition to complying with existing anti-discrimination laws, employers also must comply with new employment laws and regulations pertaining to a post-COVID safe workplace. 

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Part Two – How HR Leaders and Business Owners Can Respond To A Changed Workplace 

COVID-19 prompted massive shifts in lifestyle and workstyle. Now, as we slowly emerge into a post-pandemic world, businesses and HR leaders have had to rethink the workplace. A new normal is forming, with managers, business owners, and employees all making efforts to reshape and even improve upon it. 

In the midst of this evolutionary process, HR leaders, managers, and bosses are tasked with the challenging responsibility of being responsive to a number of stakeholders. While working to keep employees engaged and productive, they must also stay in compliance with employment laws created both before and during the pandemic AND continually update policies as new pieces of the puzzle are put in place. 

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