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“Employment Law Today” – Weekly Talk Radio Show: PURPOSE-FILLED EMPLOYEES & COMPANY SUCCESS”

Our audience will learn to define the term purpose as it relates to this topic, and discuss the advantages/benefits to the company, the workers, and their customers and clients when time and energy are put into helping employees to find their own purpose and harness their purpose-driven existence to be happier and more productive.

Business owners/employers: Have you been focused only on the company’s mission or purpose? Putting all of your energy into defining your purpose as an employer or company, while neglecting to nurture and cultivate your employees’ quest to find their individual purpose, so that they may be happier, more productive, and successful?

On Tuesday, March 22, my guest, Patrice Tanaka, Joy Officer and Founder of Joyful Planet, will share her beliefs/methods of cultivating a purpose-filled and joy-filled experience for both the employer and the individual employees. We will define the term purpose as it relates to this topic, and discuss the advantages/benefits to the company, the workers, and their customers and clients when time and energy are put into helping employees to find their own purpose and harness their purpose-driven existence to be happier and more productive.

Tune in next week for a great discussion, and for tips on how to attain the win-win approach that Patrice uses with her client companies!

About Patrice Tanaka:

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00:39-16:58: Eric introduces his guest, Patrice Tanaka, founder of Joyful Planet, which focuses on helping individuals and organizations discover and actively live their purpose to unleash greater success, fulfillment and joy as individuals, as part of a community, and as a business. Patrice talks about her career. Prior to starting Joyful Planet, she had a career in PR and marketing for many years. She really enjoyed it, but decided to move on to a new chapter in her life. Patrice says that the two most important things she had done since then was to discover and articulate the business purpose for her first agency, and discovered and articulated a life purpose for herself. Both of these actions were so powerful that she realized maybe she should focus on purpose in her current consultancy, Joyful Planet. Patrice and Eric discuss the meaning and differences of the mission statement and purpose statements as it relates to business.


19:13-30:29: Eric continues his conversation with Patrice on purpose statements and how companies like Google keep their statements short instead of having a lengthy mission statement which may not get across with viewers. Patrice talks about steps companies can take to raise employees’ awareness of their own purpose and mission. She says companies could articulate their own business purpose so employees can understand what they’re trying to do. What Patrice does is conduct workshops and webinars to help employees and employers discover their life purpose. She works with employers one on one. She helps them find the alignment between their individual purpose and purpose within their business to help drive their organization or company forward. Patrice offers an hour long webinar to help employees understand the importance of purpose. She also sends a questionnaire; with this, they are able to create their purpose statement. Patrice helps employers and employees realize their life purpose statement as something that is galvanizing and inspiring not only for others but most importantly themselves to own their power.


32:35-45:18: Eric and Patrice talk about what happens when an employee finds that their purpose does not align with the company’s purpose. Patrice says that if you don’t know what your life purpose is, you can’t actively live your purpose and understand whether your unhappiness for instance is due to not being in the right place or because of not having the ideal employer. She mentions employers fear that their employee may leave after realizing their life purpose. But either employers and employees not discovering this makes it a lose-lose situation. Patrice also mentions the Great Resignation. But she says that purpose isn’t always about your job. She emphasizes the fact that it’s called a life purpose, to be fulfilled with your life and workplace together. Eric agrees with Patrice and makes a point that one can move across the country to get a fresh start, which is great. But if you don’t work to solve your internal issues, your problems can follow you no matter what job or place you move to. They also discuss the various benefits of discovering your life purpose.


47:18-57:25: Eric asks Patrice about whether she sees a great need for purpose driven employees in light of the pandemic and how it has impacted this issue. Patrice talks about how we’ve had a lot of time to think and reevaluate our lives. This is what she says is making people think a lot about their purpose and how we can leverage our talents and expertise in service and for the planet. She says that these trying times have made us realize that we have to work together and support each other locally as well. There’s an awareness that has affected many of us to want to find our purpose and ways to be fulfilled in this precious life that we have. Patrice mentions a quote by Mark Twain that “”The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” You can get in touch with Patrice Tanaka through email atpatrice@joyfulplanet.com or visit joyfulplanet.com. You can also search for Patrice Tanaka on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram as well as @sambagal on Twitter.

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