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“Employment Law Today” – Weekly Talk Radio Show: Breaking Free From Toxic Patterns w/ Your Employees

With so much Coronavirus uncertainty, many business owners are rethinking their business structure – including their hiring and firing practices. How might the stress from the COVID-19 pandemic push employers into their default personality traits, resulting in unconsciously creating and recreating toxic dynamics with their employees? Join me, Eric Sarver, and my guest, employment attorney, mediator, conflict resolution specialist, coach and author, Nance L. Schick, Esq., as we explore this topic together.

About Nance L. Schick, Esq:

By Segment

0:39 – 16:00 – Eric introduces the guest of the show Nance Schick. Nance goes into the ins-and-outs of her, Nance primarily working with consulting. She then explains how she attempts to solve workplace issues and how she assists employers with conflict resolution. Nance and Eric discuss the psychology involved in running a workplace, Nance then explaining the DiSC personality assessment for listeners.

18:13 – 30:39 – The conversation about the DiSC assessment continues, Nance then breaks down the four quadrants of personality, Eric and Nance also detailing how they apply these concepts in their working lives as employers. They talk about employee engagement, sensitivity, typecasting, and having an awareness about an employee’s mental health.

33:02 – 45:13 – Eric and Nance run through a couple scenarios of how an employer should deal with personality types clashing. Nance talks about being mindful, especially during these times, of the lives of their employees, observing drastic shifts and changes in their behavior. She discusses the dynamic of having a dominant personality type in the workplace and why each type is completely necessary in a functioning business culture.

47:31 – 59:40 – Eric talks about communication, sensitivity, microaggressions and boundaries, Nance illustrating the responsibility of the employers to determine the boundaries and mediate these situations when they begin to escalate. Nance ends the show by leaving her contact information for listeners.

About Employment Law Today

Helping Business With Employment Law Issues.

For many business owners, it can be overwhelming to keep up and comply with the federal and state labor and employment laws that govern how they run their business.  With the COVID-19 pandemic, there are new laws and regulations regarding hiring, firing, and workplace practices and protocols — all of which can increase business owners’ anxieties about regaining traction or thriving again.  On my weekly show, we will be discussing the most common employment law related questions and challenges that business owners have been facing in these uncertain times.

The show will have three main goals: (1) to inform businesses about employment law updates, (2) to inspire businesses by giving them the tools to move forward, and (3) to demonstrate how some business owners have overcome their employment law problems, walked through the challenges imposed by this pandemic, and have taken steps to regain traction during the reopening phases of this pandemic.

Our guests will include professionals who advise businesses from an H.R., legal, and financial perspective, along with thriving business owners who will share their experiences and insights into running a successful company while complying with labor and employment law mandates during COVID-19.