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“Employment Law Today” – Weekly Talk Radio Show: Value Theory 101 for Employers

In the social sciences, value theory examines the methods of how, why, and to what degree people value things, persons, ideas, or objects. Within philosophy, it is also known as ethics or axiology.

How do employers apply value theory in making decisions with regard to their employees? By recognizing one’s value system, an employer can determine the optimal course of action around hiring, firing, and creating employee policies.

Join me this Tuesday, December 7th, at 5 pm (EST), on Employment Law Today, with my guest, Stephen Petro, E-Retail Entrepreneur, and Educational Disrupter. Stephen wrote the book (literally!) on Value Theory / Ethics, and he will be sharing his knowledge on this important topic!

About Stephen Petro:

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0:32 – 13:16 – Stephen Petro, a recurring guest, is joining us for tonight’s show. Petro is the founder of Spetro Lifestyle Solutions; he’s also an international author. The topic for tonight is exploring value theory and ethics and how it affects people’s behavior, specifically in business. Stephen never considered himself an entrepreneur at first or considered looking into the field to begin with and the world of business. Throughout the earlier part of his life, Stephen suffered from acne problems which made him want to get into nutrition and diet and how it connected to his general health. While still in school, he started off his business to pay off student loans.

But he ended up being driven to want to build his own business as it’s known today, Spetro which focuses on health and wellness.

15:29 – 29:24 – Stephen wrote the book Rationality, Virtue, and Liberation: A Post-Dialectical Theory of Value. He goes into detail in some theories of ethics. One of them for example that is talked about here is the theory of human rights conflict. Stephen and Eric connect this to the workplace regarding harassment, or employment during the pandemic. Getting into a practical context , Stephen moves into explaining about how a business owner can’t satisfy everyone at the time, be it shareholders l employees, ect. Talking about leadership, Stephen says that one can use that approach to “bring everyone to the table” and have people’s voices heard. In doing so, being heard may be more viable than just getting what one wants as Eric points out.

31:28 – 45:23 – Coming back from the break, Stephen and Eric continue their conversation about value theory and leadership in business. Stephen talks about how the “culture” in your workplace as a business owner is based on how you work with your employees and who you choose to hire. Leadership is very relevant in how we are communicating with others and affects how employees show and carry themselves. Good leadership is bringing people to the table and allowing your team to have some sort of input. Eric asks Stephen about what things a manager or business owner should keep in mind when it comes to policies and their hiring process. Stephen says that team and team culture is based on proximity. He gives an example of Pixar, who he says built their offices in a way that keeps employees in close proximity. But of course, we are more remote a lot more today, and so we should be flexible on how others and ourselves work in certain environments because human connection as well as trust is powerful.

47:35 – 56:25 – In the final segment, Stephen talks about how employers use value theory in the workplace currently. He mentions the controversial topics of today related to covid19 such as mask policies and vaccinations. A big part of bringing everyone “to the table” is having enough relationships with your team to the point where you’re aware of their discomforts or what will make them work better. It’s also important to keep the door open for discussion rather than enforce policies and only leave it at that. These qualities help in balancing your role as being authoritative or a leader in general for your team. Eric thanked Stephen Petro for joining him again for this episode. You can connect with Stephen at Stephenpetro411 on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about SPetro Lifestyle Solutions, his book, to chat, ask questions and more!

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