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Our audience (including employers and employees) will learn how to infuse recreation and creativity into a busy work week, to establish better health, improved productivity, and work-life balance.  Listeners will learn helpful tips on how to make creative play a priority, how to be consistent with breaks, and how to show up for themselves and others.  Dr. Lance Knaub – a physical therapist, business coach, and best-selling author, and I will be discussing how business owners and employers can combat the pandemic’s burnout and fatigue by tapping into / scheduling leisure, creativity, and play. Entrepreneurs – don’t get caught in the headspace of work-work-work – we all need to rejuvenate to be more productive!

About Dr. Lance Knaub:

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0:44-13:36: Tonight, Dr. Lance Knaub is joining Eric Sarver as a returning guest. The topic for today is about infusing recreation and creativity into a busy work week. Dr. Lance Knaub is the founder of Breakthru Physical Therapy and Denali Consulting. Knaub says what inspired him to get into healthcare was helping people. This was something he really fell in love with and having an impact on people’s wellbeing. Today he is also passionate about helping business owners with their financial health and putting themselves first such as paying themselves. Lance talks about experts who advocate working 24/7 and being all in. However, he says that you need to draw a line. Lance believes that you have to know your cause and your mission and that as an entrepreneur, you don’t need to work consistently without giving your time to something or someone else. Eric mentions that for some people, it is important to work long hours as everyone’s situation is different. But he mentions movies and tv giving almost a stereotype of working endlessly.


15:51-29:38: Eric and Lance discuss how people have incorporated more recreation and creativity since the beginning of Covid19. Because of the technology today, Lance says that now it’s up to the individual person to set boundaries and take care of themselves. Technology has allowed many to keep moving and working, but Eric says that it has also created unhealthy boundaries as anyone can easily schedule meetings and emails any time during the day. Lance also speaks about the difficulty of the kinds of interactions we all couldn’t always have because of the pandemic. He mentions how employees wanting different workplaces is changing the world as it is no longer black or white. Some people may want to work in person, others online, and some hybrid. As a physical therapist, Knaub mentions prioritizing recreation and leisure especially if your time isn’t entirely limited. There are some people for instance who no longer take the time to commute to work. He says that planning and creating a strategy is important. For him, the first step in his well being is mental health. But everything will come together with whichever focus you have whether it is mental health, sleep or nutrition.

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