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“Employment Law Today” – Weekly Talk Radio Show: Move the Needle!”

The audience will learn how leaders and employers can invest in their team, as well as how to focus on quality of relationships rather than solely on quantity of output. 

When an employer lets the goals and measures of success override their investment in their people, the team members perceive themselves as a means to an end, a product to be consumed, to achieve some stated objective.  This can create discord and a lack of employee morale.  What lessons can we learn about investing time and effort into relationships with our employees, our consultants, and the players on our team?

Join me this week with my special guest, Robb Holman, Founder of Holman International. Robb is a best-selling author and global consultancy expert. His latest book, “Move The Needle“, examines why we must prioritize people over procedures for better results!

About Robb Holman:

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00:30-14:28 : Tonight’s guest is Robb Holman, Founder of Holman International and best selling author as well as a global consultancy expert. The topic for today is about successful leadership and how to focus more than solely on the quantity of the output in businesses. Holman unfortunately had a tumor in his abdomen when he was 21 years old. Doctors couldn’t diagnose what exactly he had in him. He had gone to an ultrasound specialist who was shocked and said that he no longer had a mass or tumor in his abdomen. The doctor checked a second time and found nothing. After this incredible moment, he started to ask questions like “Who am I really?” and started to discover his purpose in this world. Today, he loves helping leaders rediscover their purpose and passion. Unfortunately, Robb says that today there are many disengaged employees and employers. He says that leaders may find some solutions, like more vacation days for example, though one problem is that it may just be temporary for building motivation for employees.


16:27-31:27: Robb and Eric talk about what “healthy leaders” means. Robb explains that a lot of self help has to do with ideas like how we are all broken and need to be fixed. What he means by healthy leaders is that one’s committed to a self discovery process to begin with. We become aware of our abilities and gifts and what we can offer to serve others. Self awareness moves to self management which moves out to help others in a positive way. They also discuss how the language we use in our inner dialogue or in our minds have a certain affect on how we work on ourselves. Robb also talks about his book Move the Needle. He mentions the topic about leaders discovering or rediscovering who they are. His framework includes looking at your core values, top strengths, passions, top personal life milestones, and the primary gift you were given in your life whether that is empathy, happiness, or more.


33:32-45:42: Coming back from the break, Eric asks Robb why he thinks employers emphasize process and outcome over people. Robb says that being around for a long time along with living in a world where business culture is very big affects people’s relationships with each other in a team. He says that slow should be the new “fast”, meaning we should take time to look over the fact that leaders should remind themselves to treat their teams as human beings instead of “human doings”. You can’t have good outcomes with disengaged people. Robb challenges leaders to channel more of a vertical movement where there is a focus on a person to person relationship in a team. This kind of success takes time and effort. Robb als says that he thinks we need to change the rule book. Instead of thinking solely about treating others how we would want to be treated, we should start looking at what he calls the “platinum rule” by getting to know our team members as human beings. Leaders should work one on one with each individual to look at what inspires them, what ticks them, what moves them and more so then we can understand and customize what they desire to better serve them. This isn’t easy as business owners didn’t necessarily sign up to be therapists or something of that nature. But Robb says that they did sign up to be leaders, and effective leaders which is important as a whole.


47:42-57:26: Coming back from the final break, Robb talks about working with clients and helping them improve their leadership and teams. He encourages every client to start every meeting, no matter what kind of meeting, with a time of gratitude and be specific with the things and people you are grateful the most. It’s understandable that many hardships and curveballs occur. But practicing gratitude helps overcome challenges, realize different perspectives and discover solutions as well. This is also something that takes time but will be worth it. A common theme in Robb’s books has to do with presence and being present with the team member you are with in the moment. Being present is so important. Before closing the show, Robb tells a story about visiting his grandmother during covid before she passed away. While speaking with her, she would be present here and there dozing off the sleep. In one moment, they locked eyes and he told her how beautiful she looked. Her reaction told him that she was paying attention and it was a touching moment. She passed away not too long after. Robb leaves us with this; be present in a human way, seek first to be the greatest encourager and have an amazing influence.

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