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“Employment Law Today” – Weekly Talk Radio Show: Financial Health Of Your Business

Small to Mid-Sized Business Owners: how do you maintain a healthy outlook / healthy approach towards finances and money? What stories do you tell yourself that hold you back? What are some methods to build confidence in your financial abilities, get clarity, and empower your business to thrive again?

Join me and my guest, Ruchi Pinniger, CEO of Watch Her Prosper, on Tuesday, August 2nd, 5pm to 6pm (EST). Ruchi will discuss some best practices that she uses with her women-owned business clients in redefining their relationship with finances. A relevant show for today’s pressing financial issues faced by businesses during Covid-19!

About Ruchi Pinniger:

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0:30 – 15:01 – Tonight’s topic is all about the financial health of businesses. Small to mid-sized business owners may wonder how they can maintain a healthy outlook and approach towards finances and money. Today’s guest is present to help answer that question and more. Ruchi Pinniger is the CEO of Watch Her Prosper. After overcoming her own personal struggles, she developed her career after taking a sabbatical and returning to assist other business women with certain issues like numbers and expenses. The people she has helped were so grateful which motivated her to continue. Ever since a young age she was an entrepreneur working her own small businesses like lemonade stands among others. That mindset that she developed certainly helped her throughout her life.

17:18 – 29:23 – There are some obstacles that many business professionals face regularly. Large numbers of them do not trust themselves with money and expenses. This is especially true with new business owners. Many people have to learn to develop their relationship with money. Ruchi states that people can have a relationship with money just like how they can with other living creatures. Some will need to work on how to manage and make money which strengthens that relationship. Also, Ruchi has such a strong connection to empowering women. She loves seeing them grow confidence and stability.

31:59 – 44:41 – At Watch Her Prosper, it is important for Ruchi to customize how she assists her clients based on their personality and situation. Generally, she will help with finances, taxes, budgets etc. Previously, she persuaded a client to raise her rates because they were not profitable. Many business owners want to provide a service or sell a product at a reasonable rate, however, it is important that there is a liveable margin of profit after expenses are taken out. Ruchi’s job is to provide support and offer advice such as that.

47:13 – 56:54 – Eric asks if the pandemic has greatly affected her clients or not and it certainly did. Ruchi was contacted heavily starting around March 2020. The bank started denying or ignoring smaller business professionals loans that they needed. Luckily, Ruchi was there to provide support and guidance for people who were struggling during the tough times. The pandemic is not entirely over but hopefully it serves as a warning that something similar can occur again and people should prepare for that. Ruchi can be found at watchherprosper.com where people can access testimonials along with other further information.

About Employment Law Today

Helping Business With Employment Law Issues.

For many business owners, it can be overwhelming to keep up and comply with the federal and state labor and employment laws that govern how they run their business.  With the COVID-19 pandemic, there are new laws and regulations regarding hiring, firing, and workplace practices and protocols — all of which can increase business owners’ anxieties about regaining traction or thriving again.  On my weekly show, we will be discussing the most common employment law related questions and challenges that business owners have been facing in these uncertain times.

The show will have three main goals: (1) to inform businesses about employment law updates, (2) to inspire businesses by giving them the tools to move forward, and (3) to demonstrate how some business owners have overcome their employment law problems, walked through the challenges imposed by this pandemic, and have taken steps to regain traction during the reopening phases of this pandemic.

Our guests will include professionals who advise businesses from an H.R., legal, and financial perspective, along with thriving business owners who will share their experiences and insights into running a successful company while complying with labor and employment law mandates during COVID-19.