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“Employment Law Today” – Weekly Talk Radio Show: Dismantling Racism in The Workplace

Sadly, racism remains as a deeply destructive aspect of our society. It is embedded in our systems of thought, our interactions, and in all settings — including employment.

Join Rev. Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery and myself, as we discuss some methods for identifying, confronting, and dismantling racism in the workplace. No single show could possibly achieve this task, but we hope to address some causes and conditions in our conversation.

We will discuss the language used in dialogue over race, how certain terms may be heard differently based on one’s race and background, and how to recognize the impact of racism on employers and employees alike. Roadmaps for real conversations will be revealed, so tune in to this must see episode of Employment Law Today.

By Segment

0:41 – 15:33 – Eric starts the show by introducing the topic for tonight’s episode; dismantling racism in the workplace. He introduces his guest, host of Dismantling Racism with Rev. Dr. TLC, Terrlyn L. Curry. Terrlyn is a licensed psychologist and pastor. She is the creator of pastology, the spiritual approach that focuses on the sysenery between pastoring and psychology. Terryln is also the author of Sacred Intelligence: The Essence of Sacred, Selfish, and Shared Relationships. Terryln discussed her background and how she developed a passion for fighting racial injustice. Before the break, Eric and Terrlyn began a discussion on the underlying issue with saying you “don’t see color” as an employer.

17:45 – 30:19 – After the break, Eric and Terrlyn continue the discussion on being color conscious. Terrlyn talked about a personal experience with a colleague and how his actions were unconsciously racist and weren’t brought to his attention until her reconciliation training. Eric and Terrlyn talked about unconscious behavior in the workplace. They discussed the outcomes of failing to see someone for who they are, race and all. Employers can unconsciously push pressures of white standards onto their POC employees. Before the break Terrlyn talked about how employers possibly reinforce white supremacy practices and beliefs when they fail to find leaders, CEOs, or workers of color because they are “not qualified”. When in actuality they are looking in predominantly white institutions and not historically black institutions because they are unconsciously perceived as not “as good”.

32:56 – 45:09 – Coming back from the break Eric and Terrlyn talked about steps and actions employers can take to identify and dismantle racism. Terrlyn suggests that people start with themselves. In order to transform your organization you must transform yourself, she says. She adds that one way is to look at how you might engage in intentional or unintentional racist acts. Terrlyn says racism doesn’t require malice or intent, it’s possible to perpetuate white supremacy. Eric and Terrlyn talked about being aware of implicit biases you might hold. For an employer, you should reevaluate your hiring practices and ask yourself what standards are you basing them on? Before the break Eric and Terrlyn discussed ways in which people can dismantle racism without feeling defensive or guilty. Terrlyn says her training begins with the history of racism and how it is embedded in our society and we are a product of our society. They also discussed the need for proper training amongst diversity equity and inclusion.

47:11 – 57:08 – In the last segment Eric and Terrlyn wrap up their conversation on the positive benefits of supporting POC employees. Terrlyn tells us how happy employees equal more productivity. Therefore, employers are likely to earn more. She talked about a personal experience when she was on a spiritual retreat; the white owned business had employees of color that were so engaging and happy. Terrlyn was elated to see such positive feedback that she knew she would want to come back and spend her money. Having engaging employees that are supported will lead to generating more business. Before the end of the show Terrlyn mentioned her new book Dismantling Racism: Sacred Intelligence Journey of Faith For Transformational Leaders available in 2022. The book talks about how to navigate conversation around racism and how to stay engaged. Terrlyn gave her contact at the end of the show and her website, scaredintelligence.com if you are interested in classes.

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