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American Coin-Op “ADA Compliance in Your Self-Service Laundry”

ADA Compliance

written by Bruce Beggs, October 2022:

NEW YORK — Since the Americans with Disabilities Act—the ADA—was signed into law in 1990, it has served to protect the interests of the disabled who wish to perform everyday activities, including doing laundry at their local laundromat.

Someone who’s well acquainted with the ADA and its impact on small businesses is Eric M. Sarver, Esq. He’s a New York City employment law/labor law attorney with 23 years of experience, including 21 as the founder of his own firm.

For a time, he mainly represented and litigated for employees who claimed they were discriminated against due to their disability. In 2013, he shifted to representing businesses of all kinds, including laundromats and dry cleaners, helping them with compliance and best practices.

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