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Business team meeting around a table

Business team meeting around a tableAt the Sarver Law Firm, PLLC we draw upon our wealth of legal experience to guide companies through the complex maze of compliance with ever-changing federal, state, and local labor and employment laws, thus reducing your company’s risk of liability, penalties, and negative press or exposure. Our firm is committed to producing optimal results for our clients, through an approach geared towards protecting your business from the potential disruptions that often accompany employment-related litigation.

We counsel, represent, and defend small and mid-size private businesses across all industries, including hospitality, tech, retail, and professional service providers.

Our Labor & Employment Law services include:

Defense of Employers/Management

We represent businesses in matters related to employment discrimination, sexual harassment or retaliation lawsuits, defense from wage and hour suits (individual and/or class action), and representation during New York State Department of Labor audits, hearings, and investigations.


We protect businesses – helping them to meet the requirements of anti-discrimination laws, wage and hour laws (overtime pay, tip credits, spread-of-hour pay, minimum wage), Family Medical Leave Act or Paid Family Leave requests, and ADA (disability-related) accommodations for employees. We also counsel our clients on sensitive terminations, legal requirements surrounding employee scheduling, and commission-related obligations.

Human Resources Consulting

We provide anti-sexual harassment training and diversity and inclusion training for private businesses. We are also experienced in developing HR policies and procedures, including employee handbooks and anti-harassment policies that comply with federal, state, and municipal laws.

Sensitive Employment Issues

We advise businesses on the best practices surrounding employee disciplinary actions, employee privacy issues in the workplace, the handling of sensitive terminations, and the proper classification of employees (i.e., independent contractors, W-2 employees, interns, etc.).

The Sarver Law Firm offers Labor & Employment Law services through various attorney/client arrangements, including flat rates, hourly rates, rates per transaction, and reduced monthly retainer rates. Call us today to schedule a consultation. We stand ready to serve as your company’s go-to counsel.